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Sports Scores

  • Tuesday, May 12


    EHS 4 - Lafayette 3

  • Tuesday, May 12

    Girls Soccer

    EHS 2 - Nerinx 0

  • Tuesday, May 12

    Girls JV Soccer

    EHS 2 - Nerinx 0

  • Monday, May 11

    Girls JV Lacrosse

    EHS 11 - Ursuline 1

  • Saturday, May 9

    Girls Soccer

    EHS 7 - Shootout 0

  • Friday, May 8

    Girls Soccer

    EHS 0 - Shootout 0

  • Friday, May 8

    Boys Track and Field

    EHS 2nd/10

  • Friday, May 8

    Water Polo

    EHS 6 - District 18

  • Friday, May 8

    Girls Track and Field

    EHS 5th/9

  • Friday, May 8

    Boys Track and Field

    EHS 3rd/8

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On the map

On the map

Sarah Wingbermuehle, ads manager

Check out the map.

May 15, 2015 • 0 comments

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Cheering for a change

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