Big money, even more money needed

Big money, even more money needed

Libby Moeller, feature writer

November 22, 2013

For the average person who is not financially savvy, the topic of district budgeting and financing becomes an unquestionably tricky one. The inner workings of the budgeting process result in many questions from members of the community. For the past two years students and parents have questioned the lack of renov...

Long distance family

Taylor Balleau, feature writer

October 10, 2013

The smell of freshly cooked lasagna wafts through the open house of Anna Altice (12). As her mother, still in work clothes, scrambles around the kitchen, their dog’s barks echo throughout. Meghan, Anna's middle school sister, continues to rant about the lunch-table drama that ensued hours earlier. The ...

Overpaid or not?

Overpaid or not?

Libby Moeller, Feature Writer

October 7, 2013

Gym A, the large theater, the library, the 700s, the Art wing, the two-story 800/900 hallway, the Welcome Center and its adjoining classrooms and lab. Glenn Construction, the district's program management company, coordinated each of these projects that reshaped the nature of the EHS campus. “I...

National Honor Society revamps tutoring program

National Honor Society revamps tutoring program

Tiffany Skaggs, feature writer

October 2, 2013

Chet Montefering, National Honor Society president, decided that tutoring needs to be more of a priority this year. “Anybody who thinks of NHS automatically thinks of tutoring,” Montefering said. "So last year I was thinking we had the tutoring sign-ups available, but how many times did on...

Taylor Balleau, feature editor

August 30, 2013

College. It’s either sneaking up faster than imagined or the next four years are already carefully calculated. Although applying for college may seem ages away, deadlines creep closer with each passing day. However, Connie Constantin (12) has not only already applied, she has been accepted. ...

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