A political investigation, departing chief of staff and the Brexit vote

A political investigation, departing chief of staff and the Brexit vote

Ethan Fine, editor-in-chief

December 10, 2018

Local Know: Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft (R) launched an investigation into current Missouri Attorney General and U.S. Senator-elect Josh Hawley (R), Dec. 6. Inform: Ashcroft’s investigation comes one month after the left-leaning American Democratic Legal Fund wrote to Ashcroft, N...

EHS-hub local beat

Ethan Schweizer, tuba, marches at halftime during a football game, Aug. 24.

December 10, 2018

Putting up a fight

A raised fist has become a symbol of the #metoo movement and the fight for women's rights.

Audrey Brown, reporter

December 6, 2018

Don’t go to the car alone at night. Walk with car keys out. Check the car before getting in. Avoid parties with drinking. And cover up as much skin as possible. Today’s steps in escaping unwanted sexual advances are the same as those for past generations. The difference is that after years of s...

A new commissioner, a resolution for Yemen and suspended tariffs

Former governor Eric Greitens elected five members to the school board that voted out Margie Vandeven in December 2017.

Ethan Fine, editor-in-chief

December 3, 2018

Local Know: The Missouri school board rehired Margie Vandeven as the board’s commissioner, Nov. 20. Inform: The school board removed Vandeven from her position as commissioner in December 2017. Former governor Eric Greitens, who resigned in the midst of multiple allegations against him, a...

EBN | Parking lot update

EBN | Parking lot update

November 27, 2018

A local shooting, closed border and genetic modifications

The United States has had four mass shootings in the past month alone.

Ethan Fine, editor-in-chief

November 26, 2018

Local Know: Thomas Bruce allegedly sexually abused three and murdered one woman at a Catholic Supply store, Nov. 19. Inform: Bruce, 53, allegedly entered the store in Ballwin around 3:19 p.m. He sexually abused three women at gunpoint before killing Jamie Schmidt, a customer at the store. After his rampage, Bruce left the scene, launching a manhunt for the armed gunman on the loose. Police arrested Bruce two days later, charging him wit...

A suspended teacher, stopping Juul sales and an Ebola outbreak

Smoke fills the air after a student inhales from a Juul, Jan. 6.

Ethan Fine, Emi Myers, and Journalism Writing & Reporting

November 19, 2018

Local Know: Poplar Bluff School District suspended a teacher after one of the teacher’s students wore a Ku Klux Klan outfit in class, Nov. 12.   Inform: A student in a 9th grade history class giving a report over the 15th Amendment dressed as a KKK member, Nov. 9. Students often wear costumes...

Election results, a bar shooting and a continuing caravan

Students who work 10 hours a week could earn more than $400 extra a year with a minimum wage raise in Missouri.

Ethan Fine, editor-in-chief

November 12, 2018

Local Know: Fifty-three percent of eligible voters in Missouri went to the polls, Nov. 6. Inform: Josh Hawley (R) won the Missouri seat up for election in the U.S. Senate, Nov. 6. Hawley, the current Attorney General of Missouri, beat his opponent Claire McCaskill (D) with 51.5 percent of t...

A volleyball victory

The girls volleyball team poses alongside those who came to celebrate their victory, Nov. 3.

Ethan Fine, editor-in-chief

November 6, 2018

The varsity girls volleyball team won the Class 4 State Championship following a sweep of Lafayette High School, Nov. 3. “It’s a feeling I have been waiting to feel for all of high school,” Regan Inglis, middle hitter, said. “It doesn’t seem real.” Inglis had 11 kills during the championship gam...

Medical marijuana, a Florida shooting and Iran sanctions

Missouri's Nov. 6 ballot has three different medical marijuana-related initiatives on it.

Ethan Fine, editor-in-chief

November 5, 2018

Local Know: Missouri has three medical marijuana-related bills on the Tuesday, Nov. 6 ballot. Inform: Missouri Amendment 2, Missouri Amendment 3 and Missouri Proposition C all would legalize medical marijuana in Missouri. Missouri Amendment 2, the Medical Marijuana and Veteran Healthcare Services Initiative, legalizes ...

2018 Election preview

Voters will take part in the midterm elections, Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Ethan Fine, editor-in-chief

November 1, 2018

Missouri will hold the Midterm Elections, Tuesday, Nov. 6. Senate  Senator Claire McCaskill (D) will take on Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley (R) in the Missouri Senate race, Tuesday, Nov. 6. McCaskill’s seat is one of the 35 Senate seats up for election in this year’s midterms. ...

A new voting rule, pipe bombs and a president-elect

The 2018 Midterm Elections will be held Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Ethan Fine, editor-in-chief

October 29, 2018

Local: Know: Cole County Senior Judge Richard Callahan ruled that Missouri voters will not need to present a photo ID at polls, Oct. 23. Inform: The recent ruling confirmed a previous ruling that Missouri voters who show up to the polls without photo identification will not have to sign off on an affidavit to vote, Oct. 10. The Missouri Supreme Court declined to overturn the ruling, Oct. 19. The former law required that those who attend polls w...

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