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Girls VolleyballThu, Oct 18 Washington High School2-1
Washington High School2-1
Girls VolleyballTue, Oct 16 St. Jospeh's Academy 2-0
St. Jospeh's Academy 2-0
Girls VolleyballMon, Oct 15 Nerinx Hall High School2-0
Nerinx Hall High School2-0
Girls VolleyballFri, Oct 12 Francis Howell High School0-2
Francis Howell High School0-2
Girls VolleyballThu, Oct 11 Rockwood Summit 2-1
Rockwood Summit 2-1
Girls VolleyballTue, Oct 09 Lindbergh High School2-1
Lindbergh High School2-1
JV SoftballThu, Oct 04 Lafayette High School12-2W
Lafayette High School12-2W
JV SoftballWed, Oct 03 Francis Howell High School5 -3W
Francis Howell High School5 -3W
JV SoftballTue, Oct 02 Lindbergh High School12-2W
Lindbergh High School12-2W
Girls VolleyballTue, Oct 02 Lafayette High School0-2
Lafayette High School0-2
JV SoftballThu, Sep 27 Marquette High School4-0W
Marquette High School4-0W
Girls VolleyballThu, Sep 27 Mehlville High School2-0
Mehlville High School2-0
JV SoftballTue, Sep 25 Oakville Senior High Schoo8-2W
Oakville Senior High Schoo8-2W
Girls VolleyballTue, Sep 25 Webster Groves High School2-1
Webster Groves High School2-1
Girls VolleyballFri, Sep 21 Duchesne2-0
Girls VolleyballFri, Sep 21 Nerinx Hall 2-0
Nerinx Hall 2-0
Girls VolleyballFri, Sep 21 Timberland2-0
JV SoftballFri, Sep 21 Rockwood Summit19-4W
Rockwood Summit19-4W
JV SoftballWed, Sep 19 Parkway South High School 5-0W
Parkway South High School 5-0W
Girls VolleyballTue, Sep 18 Northwest R-1 High School2-0
Northwest R-1 High School2-0
Boys SoccerTue, Sep 18 Parkway South High School1-2 L
Parkway South High School1-2 L
JV SoftballMon, Sep 17 Kirkwood High School11-1W
Kirkwood High School11-1W
Girls VolleyballThu, Sep 13 Kirkwood High School2-0
Kirkwood High School2-0
JV SoftballThu, Sep 13 Seckman Senior High School7-5W
Seckman Senior High School7-5W
JV SoftballTue, Sep 11 Cor Jesu Academy 15-0W
Cor Jesu Academy 15-0W
Girls VolleyballTue, Sep 11 Oakville Senior High Schoo1-2
Oakville Senior High Schoo1-2
Boys SoccerMon, Sep 10 Fort Zumwalt South1-5L
Fort Zumwalt South1-5L
SoftballMon, Sep 10 Lafayette8-0W
SoftballMon, Sep 10 Parkway South6-0W
Parkway South6-0W
Field HockeySat, Sep 08 Parkway West2-1W
Parkway West2-1W
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