Jack Miller
This is Miller's second year on the digital media production staff where he serves as the Production editor, "I edit all the videos of meeting, productions, and events, like Mr. EHS, the Pep assemblies, and the renaissance carnival." One word to describe him: enthusiastic. Conversation he wants to have with the world: "make things fun." Miller is also involved in theater. Miller enjoys to shoot and edit videos for fun and for clients. Dream job: "I want to be a cinematographer or a movie editor." Twitter: @JMillerEHS_hub

Jack Miller, Eureka Broadcast News production editor

Apr 17, 2018
EBN: Dancing to remember (Photo/Video)
Apr 10, 2018
EBN: Champion performance (Video)
Apr 05, 2018
Showing up (Photo)
Apr 03, 2018
EBN: Showcasing their creativity (Photo/Video)
Mar 07, 2018
EBN: 2018 Teacher of the Year (Video)
Mar 07, 2018
Spreading kindness (Story/Video)
Feb 06, 2018
A night to remember (Photo/Video)
Feb 01, 2018
E-U-R E-K-A (Video)
Jan 19, 2018
2017 Veterans Day (Video)
Dec 05, 2017
EBN: Save the internet (Photo/Video)
Nov 15, 2017
EBN: In honor of their service (Video)
Nov 09, 2017
EBN: Dads and daughters (Video)
Nov 01, 2017
2017 Pep Assembly (Video)
Oct 31, 2017
EBN: 2017 Pep Assembly teacher dance (Video)
Oct 25, 2017
EBN: Wildcats take on the Lancers (Video)
Oct 12, 2017
EBN: Faculty Meeting Employers Panel, Sept. 11 (Video)
Oct 11, 2017
Soft skills (Video)
Sep 18, 2017
EBN: Shifting the focus (Video)
Sep 07, 2017
A safe place to escape and regroup (Video)
Sep 06, 2017
EBN: Golden Line’s halftime performance, Sept. 1 (Video)
Aug 30, 2017
A fresh start (Video)
May 25, 2017
A day of celebration (Video)
May 24, 2017
You promised! (Photo)
Feb 14, 2017
EBN: Eureka’s Next Heartthrob (Video)
Oct 10, 2016
EBN: Health and wellness conference (Video)