Sarah Myers
Myers serves as the editor-in-chief of all three staffs: the EHS-hub, EHS-hub Broadcast News and Eurekana yearbook. She has been on staff since first semester her sophomore year, returning after taking Design and Desktop Publishing her freshman year. Word that describes her: dedicated. As editor-in-chief, she manages staffs over three different hours and coordinates their efforts into the well-oiled publications machine of EHS Publications. "Where do I begin? I conference with staff members on their stories and help them with ideas. I enjoy making all the decisions for the publications and working with staff members who have different talents and skills to make those decisions," Myers said. "I have learned how to manage people and lead them toward a common goal. No small feat." Conversation she wants to have with the world: "We needs to learn to accept one another and our differences. It is so much easier to work together as a team when we can acknowledge each other's experiences and perspectives and focus on what that diversity brings to the team." Myers enjoys yoga, cooking, driving, photography and writing and participates E!Crew and NHS. Twitter: @SMyersEHS_hub 

Sarah Myers, editor-in-chief

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