Sound the alarm

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  • David Arledge, assistant principal, discusses the potential fire via walkie-talkie, Aug. 29.

  • Nathan Schaefferkoetter Music, motions for students to find their way to their previous hour's teacher, Aug. 29.

  • A firetruck pulls up alongside Eureka High School after the fire alarm sounded off during Flex time, Aug. 29.

  • George Calhoun, assistant principal, open the front door for two firefighters, Aug. 29.

  • After exiting the building, a firefighter grabs additional gear from the truck, Aug. 29.

  • Students wait outside after the fire alarm went off during Flex time, Aug. 29.

  • Students enter the building after receiving the all-clear from the firefighters, Aug. 29.

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NOTE: This story was originally published Aug. 29, 2019. We will continue updating the story with additional information as we learn more. 

The fire-alarm sounded off during Flex time at Eureka High School, Aug. 29.

Being that it was Flex time, students were scattered throughout the building in various places.  Students had previously been instructed to locate their fourth-hour teachers in the event of an emergency.

Five police cars, one firetruck and the fire chief’s car all responded to the scene within five minutes of the alarm sounding.

EHS students and staff waited outside for approximately 15 minutes before receiving the all-clear from the firefighters.

Despite various rumors, it has been confirmed that a faulty valve set off the alarm, Aug. 29. This is not the first time the valve has done so, as it also set off the alarm this past summer.

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