Fall final exam schedule will remain

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Following two snow days, school will resume Wednesday, December 18. The remainder of this week will be half-days.

The original final exam schedule will still be used, with students taking their first hour final when they return to school for the second semester.

The schedule for final exams is as follows:

Wednesday: Half day, 8:28-12:38

  • 2nd hour final, 8:28-10:28
  • 3rd hour final, 10:38-12:38

Thursday: Half day, 8:28-12:38

  • 4th hour final, 8:28-10:28
  • 5th hour final, 10:38-12:38

Friday: Half day, 8:28-12:38

  • 6th hour final, 8:28-10:28
  • 7th hour final, 10:38-12:38