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2014-2015 EHS-hub & Yearbook advertising brochure and contract

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Great circulation

• is viewed every day by thousands of students.

• 1400 followers between Facebook and Twitter.

Great value

• Reasonable rates allow you to advertise more frequently and choose larger ads.

• Teens possess tremendous buying power and influence family purchasing.

• Advertising in our yearbook or on our website is smart because it is easy to target your product or service to our readership.

Great staff

• A  separate business staff supervised by a faculty adviser makes sure your account is handled professionally.

• Student artists, photographers and designers are available to assist you in designing the perfect advertisement.

Great partnership

• Your ad is what we depend on for our income. We are self-supporting and rely on ads to cover our costs. By investing in the EHS-hub, you help students in journalism meet their educational goals.


Check out our EHS Hub Rates:

2015 EHS Publications Contract (1)

Or you can contact:

Connor Mondschein

& Sarah Wingbermuehle



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About the Writers
Connor Mondschein, Ads Manager

This is Connor's third year on staff and his third working on ads for the EHS-hub. He likes travel, exercise, cars and the television show, Mad Men. He...

Sarah Wingbermuehle, EHS-hub Ads Manager

This is Sarah's second year on staff. You can follow him twitter @swingEHS_hub. Her hobbies include theater, and she loves Disney. Other in school activities...

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